Local company, global ambition 

This is our dedicated space for you to follow our news and updates as we continue to provide our clients with a sustainable approach to architectural and engineering solutions in the industrial and commercial sectors. We are proud and active members of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce. We believe in the power of collaboration and combining our efforts with our partners to best serve our community and society. 

At KMG Partnership, we are paving the way for integrated design solutions to assist our clients in meeting local and global challenges from reduced carbon emissions to meeting net-zero targets. We continue to invest in our staff, so they continue to make positive contributions to a growing industry of distribution and logistics. 

07 Jul 2022

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Building a greener sustainable future by design

A regenerative approach to architecture and design is the exploration of what nature and natural systems can teach us.
06 Jan 2022

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KMG’s Margarita Germanos profiled in Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce magazine

At KMG’s office, Margarita Germanos, Managing Director, sat for a phone interview with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’s magazine.