Design philosophy

KMG’s design strategy centres on providing ethically and ecologically responsible developments that aim to minimise detrimental impacts on the environment, including carbon footprints. This responsible approach helps us develop a deeper understanding of what makes good architecture. We believe that an architect must fully understand the entire process and, thus, should deliver a seamless transition from idea to concept and then through to execution. Buildability and robust detailing are necessary to enable the creation of good design. We believe in designing buildings for our time that also respect historical contexts and environments and that we hope will provide service for many generations.

KMG creates uniquely individual and appropriate solutions that are strong enough to create their own identities and reinforce a sense of place. We work closely with clients and involve end-users in the design process. We aim to act as facilitators or guides rather than to impose our designs. Every site or building and every client combination is unique and will thus yield a unique solution. 3D modelling in physical and digital formats is an important tool that we often use to develop the best solutions. It is also useful for presenting schemes to clients and others such as planning committees.

Designing new buildings carries tremendous responsibilities in addition to the possibility of achieving great successes. We follow the RIBA Plan of Work stages to ensure transparency and clarity for our processes.